The Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation Excellence Award

Award Nomination Information

The Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation launched an exciting new program in 2019 where we seek to recognize and honor those individuals that have far exceeded reasonable expectations in furthering a charitable purpose consistently over the course of many years.  Winners of this award receive a plaque and the qualified charity or research center they are most closely affiliated with receives a $10,000 in general support grant to further their mission.  We envision issuing four (4) excellence awards per year. 

To qualify to win an Excellence Award, a person must either be a founder, employee, or volunteer of a generally well regarded and qualified exempt organization.  A person must be living to be considered for an Excellence Award, we will not issue an award posthumously.  Though this award is primarily designated for individuals who are charitably active in Louisiana, we will under some circumstances consider individuals active along the gulf coast.

Should you know of an individual who you believe should be considered to receive an Excellence Award, you are welcome to nominate them for our consideration.  There is no strict deadline for when you should send in this information and we will keep all recommendations on file for five years.  You can send your recommendation to us through US Mail (we will not consider a recommendation through email and may not open or see the email). You should identify the person you are recommending by their full name, provide their mailing address if you know it, and identify the exempt organization they are affiliated with while providing a summary on why you believe they should be considered (this summary should not exceed three pages).



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