Grant Application

The Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation is a charitable organization that has a special interest in the Greater New Orleans area, Louisiana generally, and parts of Mississippi.  Though the bulk of the programs supported are in Louisiana and Mississippi, the Foundation proudly supports quality projects in other geographic areas of the United States, particularly with regards to medical research and basic science.

Applicants should be an exempt organization, a publicly supported organization, university, research laboratory, or a 501(c)3 organization in good standing with the IRS, that has been operating for three complete calendar years or more. The Brown Foundation does not accept applications or requests from individuals. Blind application requests will also not be accepted or reviewed and prospective applicants who have not been expressly invited to apply must tender a formal Letter of Interest (LOI) so that we may determine if an invitation to apply will be issued and, if so, which department you would fall under. Please note: A group can only fall under one department or committee. We no longer have an Arts & Culture Committee or Religion Committee. We have restructured the Education Committee to focus primarily on service learning, the Emmy Noether Awards, certain STEM projects and summer camps, so we are unlikely to invite any K-12 related or educational group that falls outside of our existing programs to apply. Please visit the Education Department section of this site for more information.

New prospective applicants are welcome to submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) consistent with the instructions provided on the Letter of Interest webpage. Please note our staff is not authorized to help you complete the LOI and will not accept or open attachments to an electronically submitted LOI.  You are not to contact us directly while we are evaluating the LOI.

Returning grant recipients, who have received support within the last three calendar years and have met reporting expectations, seeking to apply for another grant period can by-pass the Letter of Interest protocols, obtain the password from our office, and enter it below to receive one of two application packets: 
1.  The 2021 Traditional Grant Program's application packet referrs to the general application used in prior years.
2.  The 2021 Shelter & Food Security Program's application packet is for returning grant recipients addressing housing, shelter and/or food security matters. Further details are provided inside the packet.

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