Grant Applications

Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation does not accept applications or requests from individuals. Further, the Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications. Unsolicited prospective applicants are welcome to tender a Letter of Interest (LOI) consistent with the instructions provided on the Letter of Interest webpage to provide information on your charitable activities and impact. Please note our staff is not authorized to help you complete the LOI and will not accept or open attachments to an electronically submitted LOI.  You are not to contact us directly to inquire if you should submit an LOI nor while we are evaluating the LOI if you elected to submit one.

Though the plurality of our annual giving budget is allocated to the Jefferson Parish MSA and parts of the Louisiana coastline, the Foundation proudly supports quality projects in other geographic areas in the United States, particularly with regards to medical research and basic science.

The Foundation affirmatively develops its programing years in advance.  In 2022 we are focused on our Neuroscience Basic Science Program, our Shelter & Food Security Program, our SupportSTEM Program, our Summer Camp Program, our University Laboratory Internship Program, our Excellence Award Program, and our Service Learning Program.  We also are active with our Foundation Center and Tree Nursery (both in Jefferson Parish) for native Louisiana plants and trees.

If you have been invited to apply, our application packets can be found as follows (some are password protected):

1.  The 2022 Grant Program's application packet (password protected in field below) is for organizations that are not in one of our Education Department Programs nor our Shelter & Food Security Program but have been invited to submit an application in 2022.  The packet is materially the same as in 2021. Few, if any, awards will be made from this program in 2022 as we are focused on more specific programing in 2022.

2.  The 2022 Shelter & Food Security Program's application packet (password protected in field below) is the exclusive application packet for any approved charity addressing housing, shelter and/or food security matters. Only Louisiana and Mississippi based organizations may apply under this program and the bulk of the budget is for the area in and surrounding Jefferson Parish.  You may send an LOI to make sure we know about your programming if you believe your organization is a good candidate to apply for this program in future years.  Further details are provided inside the packet.

3.  Summer Camp Program – the deadline to apply for this highly competitive program in 2022 was January 31, 2022.  We are likely to run a similar program in 2023 with an application window between December 1, 2022 and January 31, 2023, check back then to download the application if you are summer camp in Louisiana or Mississippi.

4.  SupportSTEM Program – this highly competitive program is seeking the best plans for curriculum implementation or STEM instruction support for K-12 schools. The deadline for 2022 was March 15, 2022.

5.  Service Learning Program – the Foundation will be working closely with the STEM Library Lab (operating out of our STEM Ecosystem Hub building) on the Service Learning Program as we combine our service learning efforts with theirs to foster growth of more schools and more classrooms in this program. All questions relating to proposed 2022/23 service learning plans, reporting on previous plans and general service learning questions should be directed to Maria Landrum at the STEM Library Lab.

6. Emmy Noether Awards - The Emmy Noether Awards seek top aspiring female research scientists in any STEM (science, technology, engineering, or math) field to help realize their potential careers through financial and networking assistance.  The Project Coordinator for is Tanya Campbell and she may be reached at

The above are our only programming with an application.  Programs such as our Neuroscience Basic Science Program do not have an application in any traditional sense, rather the top tier research organizations themselves that were invited and are competing in that program (such as LSU, Mississippi, Duke, Tulane and UAB) are undergoing other protocols.

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