Brown Foundation Service Learning Program


The Brown Foundation Service Learning Program offers funds to schools via Service Learning Awards for a class, grades K-12, to link learning and intentional service to their community through an identified Service Partner. Funds are awarded at the annual Service Learning Event in September.


SERVICE LEARNING is a simple teaching method designed to help students learn.

It is a learn-by-doing approach to the curriculum. Each service learning project has two components: a school and a service partner. Students get real life experiences in the subject studied by meeting community needs through active participation.

Plan to attend a service learning workshop to learn more about service learning and the application process. See our listing of current workshops, or contact us to tailor a workshop for your school!


Our Service Learning Award Application is online and available for grades K-12, to all elementary, middle, junior high and high schools in Louisiana and Mississippi.


SERVICE LEARNING allows students to establish connections to their communities by applying knowledge acquired in the classroom. Learning becomes relevant! Students find participating in Service Learning lessons helps them see the relevance of the materials taught in the classroom. The average retention rates of students are higher with such participatory programming.

All SERVICE LEARNING plans consist of the following:

  • Student Investigation: In the very beginning of service learning, students investigate 1) the resources within the service learning class, and 2) the community need.
  • Student Preparation: Students learn the link between service actions and specific classroom learning.
  • Student Action: Students make a difference through acts of caring by personal contact in the community.
  • Student Reflection: Through a thoughtful consideration of the service experience, written or verbal, woven throughout the service learning process, students learn the meaning their actions and how it changed them.
  • Student Demonstration: Once the plan is successfully completed, students showcase their skills, insights and outcomes to an outside group such as other classmates, parents, the community or the media.