Frequently Asked Questions

About the Award

Q. What awards are issued?
A. There are 3 types of awards: One gold medalist, two silver medalists and up to 10 scholars. The grand prize is the gold medal. The winner will be awarded a gold plated silver medal as well as $25,000 for each year the student is in graduate school (up to 3 years for a total of $75,000). The two silver medalists will receive $25,000 each for a qualified graduate level program. Up to ten Emmy Noether Scholars will consist of the finalists selected to be interviewed for the gold or silver medals each year. All medalists and scholars will be offered ongoing opportunities to include lab tours, internship interviews, and networking support.

Q. What does the Emmy Noether Award fund?
A. Gold and silver medalists may use awarded funds for any graduate school needs. Some examples may include tuition, conference/travel fees, lab funding, or housing.

Q. What STEM focuses are eligible for the awards?
A. Any science, technology, engineering, or mathematics degrees that lead to a career in scientific research are eligible. Some past awardees included microbiologist, robotic engineer, biotechnology engineer, and medical scientist.

Q.  Are the Emmy Noether Awards based on need or merit?
A. All Emmy Noether Awards are based on merit. The ENA are seeking the most accomplished and driven student scientists.


Q. Who can apply?
A. Female high school seniors from Louisiana or Mississippi.

Q.  Is the application open to only public school students?
A. No. It is open to all schools located in Louisiana or Mississippi.

Q. I intend to pursue a medical degree. Can I receive the Emmy Noether Award?
A. The Emmy Noether Award is intended for research scientists; medical degrees will only be considered if the primary function is to study in a lab or receive an MD/PhD degree.

Q. I am a sophomore or junior in high school. Can I apply this year?
A. No, the Emmy Noether Awards are limited to seniors only.


Q. Who should I ask to write my letter of recommendation?
A. All letters of recommendation should come for a STEM mentor. STEM mentor may include but are not limited to science or math teachers, laboratory mentors, science fair judges/mentors, or summer internship mentors.

Q. What can I do that will make me a more competitive applicant?
A. Competitive applicants will have one or more qualifications: 1. some type of research internship completed or planned 2. received an award or honor in their potential field 3.  participated in a science fair (local, state or national level) 4. held a leadership role in an STEM based extracurricular 5. attained high GPA and ACT scores (specifically in STEM categories). However, these are NOT requirements to apply for the awards. Competitive applicants will also be able to identify specific programs and careers they are interested in. We are looking to aid students who know what they want to do at an early age and help them achieve their goal.

Q. How can I prepare for the interview process?
A. All interviews will be conducted virtually via Microsoft Teams/Zoom. 

Requirements of Awardees

Q. Do I have to plan to attend college or post graduate studies in Louisiana or Mississippi?
A. No, awardees are allowed to pick any university in the world.

Q. What is required of me if I am selected as a Gold or Silver medal winner?
A. Gold medalists will be required to deliver a brief speech at the Emmy Noether Awards Ceremony. The Gold Medalist will be asked to attend other Brown Foundation events such as the annual Service Learning Event and speak as needed. Silver medalists will be asked for biographies and be interviewed for social media outreach. It is a requirement for all awardees to attend the Emmy Noether Award Ceremony. 

Q. What is required of an Emmy Noether Scholar?
A. It is a requirement for all awardees to attend the Emmy Noether Award Ceremony. The 2023 Emmy Noether Awards will take place Sunday, April 23rd from 12:30pm – 2:00pm in New Orleans.

Q. If I win the gold medal, can I change any of my college/ postgraduate/ career aspirations?
A. Of course! We understand that plans change. As long as you are still pursuing a STEM research based career, you will still be eligible.


Q. Where can I read more about the Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation?
A.  See our website at

Q. If I have a question that is not addressed here, who can I contact?
A.  You can call or email Tanya Campbell at 337-769-4847 or

The Emmy Noether Awards is an initiative of The Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation administered by Community Foundation of Acadiana.

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