The Lending Library & Online Resources

The following books, student journals and newsletters, magazines, journals and DVDs may be borrowed from the Service Learning Program:


Barrie, Jeff; Kilowatt Ours: A Plan to Re-Energize America (Educator Guide). With DVD, Winner of 2008 Governor's Environmental Stewardship Award teaches students about energy usage and how to do a school energy assessment.

Flieschman, Paul; Dateline:Troy,
The author shows the relevance of the past as his recount of the Trojan War is juxtaposed with newsclippings of modern events.

Florida Service Preparedness and Response Coalition (SPaRC). Lessons from Florida SPaRC: A Guide to Engaging Students in Service Learning Projects Addressing Hometown Safety.
A manual developed by staff of Florica SPaRC.

Hassett, John and Ann; Cat Up a Tree,
The story follows a woman trying to get help in rescuing a cat up a tree.  For a young audience.

Human Rights Education Program, Service Learning: Lesson Plans and Projects on Human Rights,
Addresses issues such as the environment, human rights, poverty, discrimination, health and education.

Kaye, Cathryn Berger and Philippe Cousteau; Going Blue: A Teen Guide to Saving Our Oceans, Lakes, Rivers & Wetlands,
Educates on how important water is in all aspects of our life and guides teens on how they can make a difference by conserving water and saving the sources of our water.

Kaye, Cathryn Berger; A Kids' Guide to Hunger & Homelessness: How to Take Action,
Tells how to help your students take action to alieviate hunger and homelessness and at the same time challenge their stereotypes.  For grades 6 and up.

Kaye, Cathryn Berger; A Kids’ Guide to Climate Change & Global Warming:How to Take Action!,
Lead your students through the steps of service learning as they learn about climate change and take action.  For grades 6 and higher.

Kaye, Cathryn Berger; A Kids’ Guide to Helping Others Read & Succeed: How to Take Action!,
A step-by-step guide to how students can promote literacy through service learning.  For grades 6 and higher.

Kaye, Cathryn Berger; Make a Splash! A Kid's Guide to Protecting Our Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, & Wetlands,
Educates on how important water is in all aspects of our life and guides elementary age students on how they can make a difference in their own backyards.

Kaye, Cathryn Berger; The Complete Guide to Service Learning (2010 edition),
Offers practical ways to engage students in social action and civic reponsibility. Includes curricular connections for sample plans and forms for student usage.

KIDS Consortium, Integrating Scientific Practices and Service-Learning: Engaging students in STEM,
Offers examples of how teachers have structured service learning plans within the STEM disciplines.

KIDS Consortium, KIDS As Planners: A guide to strengthening students, schools and communities through Service-Learning, Revised and expanded third edition.
Offers a roadmap for integrating service learning into the classroom and contains forms for both teachers and students.

Lewis, Barbara A.; The Kid's Guide to Social Action,
Tells how to work with your students to solve the social problems that they choose.  Gives practical "how-to" steps for students to follow.  Offers examples of what other students have accomplished.

Madden, Don; The Wartville Wizard,
A story for younger students, it tells what an old man did about all the trash in his environment.  It would be an excellent book for older students to read to younger ones and act it out.

Mortenson, Greg and David Oliver Relin; Three Cups of Tea (young readers edition),
The story of how an American mountain climber's experience motivated him to build more than 60 schools in rural areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Nagda, Ann Whitehead and Stephanie Roth,Illustrator; Whiskers,
When a fourth grade class mentors students in second grade, one fourth grader has a problem with her mentee.  The story shows how she solved it.

National Dropout Prevention Center, Pocket Guide to Service Learning,
Provides a quick look at service learning.

National Dropout Prevention Center / Network, Bouncing Back: Strengthening Resilience Throuh Service-Learning,
Introduces the concept of resilience and explains how service learning can be implemented to intentionally strengthen resillience in youth.

National Service-Learning Cooperative, Essential Elements of Service-Learning for Effective Practice and Organizational Support,
Provides overview of service learning and its steps in a clear outline form and also supplies examples.

NYLC, Academic Success Through Service:
Field-tested service-learning strategies for grades 3-5, Provides an overview of service learning and its steps and suggests projects.

NYLC, Getting Started in Service Learning: An Elementary Through High School Handbook,
Provides an overview of service learning and gives guidance on how to implement a program in the classroom.

NYLC, Growing Hope: A Sourcebook on Integrating Youth Service into the School Curriculum,
Provides definition of service learning, the rationale for its use, steps for implementation and sample program materials.

NYLC, Making the Case for Service-Learning: Action Research & Evaluation Guidebook for Teachers,
For Teachers who are interested in the research and evaluation aspect of service learning.

Ohio State University, Keep Books -
Samples of 8 page stories for readers pre-k to 2nd grade. Winner of 2008 Governor's Environmental Stewardship Award teaches students about energy usage and how to do a school energy assessment.

Roberts-David, Tanya (Compiler) and Voices of Rugmark Children, We Need to Go to School,
Elementary age children who must go to work everyday tell why it is important to them to attend school.  Reading these stories can give students in the United States a different perspective on their lives.

Tashjian, Janet; Faultline,
Novel about a teen in an abusive relationship. Useful for students working with a service partner addressing family violence.

Tashjian, Janet; The Gospel According to Larry,
Story line helps teens look at how superficial consumerism is.  It is a chapter book.

Wagner, Ella Kate and Mrs. Gillespie's Kindergarten Class, Adventures of Rufus:
In a Hurricane/Las adventuras de Rufus:En un Huracan, A young New Orleanian writes about what happens to a dog left behind in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.  Story in both English and Spanish for a young audience.

Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth; Recycle Every Day,
In story form teaches young students about reuse and recycling.  Author used origami and recycled paper for artwork.

Student Journals and Newsletters

Everyday People Make a Difference, "Creating a Legacy" (High School Level)
Helps students think about themselves 25 years into the future.  Also incorporates character education concepts.

Everyday People Make a Difference, "Lights! Camera! Action! Everyday People Make a Difference" (Intermediate Level)

Everyday People Make a Difference, "This is My Story about how Everyday People a Difference" (Primary Level)

The Generator, sample of issues

Growing to Greatness, issues

Kavaloski, Vincent and Jane Hammatt, "Tough Minds and Tender Hearts" (A Reflection Journal for Educators and Students) Uses as its basis for reflection: "Building Martin Luther King's 'Beloved Community' Through Service Learning"

Schoenfeld, Rober Max, "Service-Learning Student's Guide and Journal" (Teens) Covers a ten-week period.

Materials for Reflection

Institute for Global Education & Service Learning, Multiple Intelligence Reflection Cards,
Uses the theory of multiple intelligences developed by Dr. Howard Gardner to suggest reflection experiences.  We also have a quick tool for students to determine where they are strongest on the scale of eight different intelligences.


CLICK4LIFE  Songs about safety and seatbelt usage

Waters to the Sea (history, ecology and water quality)

Youth F.E.L.L.O.W.S. Project Curriculum Source book, NYLC

A Web of Resources

To research the topic of service learning, find ideas for lesson plans, learn what other students are accomplishing through service learning, and to look for additional resources, checkout the links below:

All Academic Subjects
Has links to “The Generator,” a publication on service learning and to project examples.
The National Service-Learning Clearinghouse provides a definition of service learning, tells how to get started, and gives examples of success stories.  The lesson plan information provides the standards addressed.
 Also consider the Generator school network and consider joining.
Good for teachers new to service learning.  Site lists project examples K-12 and gives suggestions for reflection questions and activities.
Provides lesson plans for K-12 coded to state standards. Provides a collection of over 1200 quotations.
Youth Service America
Look for resources/texts to support service learning and 100 quotes related to service learning. Go to the "Browse Book Catalogue" to find "Ten Ways to Bring Quotes to Life."
Read about Shabazz City High School’s service learning ideas.  Examples are in all subjects.
Get ideas of projects for your community and connect with others.
Students at New Foundations Charter School in Philadelphia educate the community about “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” Site offers cirriculum web on how to connect topic to academic subjects.

English/Language Arts and enter "English Language Arts" in search box provided.

History/Civics/Social Studies

Site offers lesson plans.  Type in “service learning” in the search box for information specific to that topic.

Using tessellations to teach math.

Science (Water Related)
Site offers resources for middle and high school teachers. Look at Rain Check: A Guide for Storm Water Action.

Service learning projects.

Rationale for Service Learning
Type in service learning on home page for reasons to use service learning in the classroom.
Contains an annotated bibliography on service learning standards as well as other information related to service learning. Type in "service learning" on home page. Site has Service Learning Tool Kit, a resource used to implement quality service learning in Colorado.

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